The areas of specialisation  and research at Biosistemak are:

  • The health, social and economic consequences of chronicity.
  • Models for identifying chronic patients, especially the more complex cases.
  • The design and interventional of personalized (patient-centred) interventions.
  • Integrated care systems.
  • e-Health and the use of technology in this field.

The research capacity of Biosistemak comprises 33 research projects with around 300 researchers from the Basque Healthcare Network.

  1. To evaluate the unsatisfied care needs of schizophrenia patients and their families.
  2. Evaluation of psycho-social interventions in colorectal cancer patients after a surgical intervention. The IRYSS-CARESS-CCR coordinated, multicentre study.
  3. Creation and validation of scales for predicting mortality and readmittance in patients hospitalized due to heart failure.
  4. Telemonitoring of chronic patients and those with multiple comorbidities from primary care (“TELBILBA project”)
  5. Evaluation of healthcare and social interventions aimed at elderly patients discharged from hospital services diagnosed with hip or wrist fractures after an accidental fall. Follow-up until 18 months after the fall.
  6. Short- and medium-term risk factors for adverse outcomes, and the creation of predictive models, in colorectal cancer patients. The IRYSS-CCR coordinated, multicentre study.
  7. Electronic platform for managing information concerning diabetes and cardiovascular risk factors for professionals and patients: Design and monitoring after an update to three evidence-based clinical practice guidelines.
  8. Continuation development of an evidence-based programme in primary and secondary psychotic episodes.
  9. Control of multiply admitted COPD patients using information technologies: The importance of physical activity.
  10. Planning health care in kidney failure patients in dialysis programmes.
  11. Control of readmitted COPD patients using information technologies: The importance of physical activity.
  12. HOBE4+
  13. Analysis and evaluation of the pilot results of the strategic project 8 in the chronicity strategy (advanced nursing competencies).
  14. Effectiveness of the Santa Marina multiple comorbidities unit: The social situation of our patients.
  15. Detection of variables that affect the chronicity process for severe mental illness.
  16. The effectiveness of transferring a primary diabetes prevention programme into routine primary care practice in Osakidetza.
  17. The development of population-based stratification applications.
  18. Impact of the “Active Patient” self-care educational programme on the metabolic control, cardiovascular risk and quality of life of patients with type 2 diabetes in primary care in the Basque Country: A randomised clinical trial with two years’ follow-up.
  19. A technology investment intervention involving application of the GUNFT guideline for improving the management of pharmacological prescription in osteoarthritis.
  20. BATERA ZAINDUZ: Care of patients with type 2 diabetes in the Uribe region.
  21. Impact of the intervention of a trained nurse in intravenous therapy on treatment days, results of the venous access devices and the satisfaction of patients with prolonged intravenous therapy..
  22. To evaluate the equity of access to diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in colorectal cancer and their relationship to the outcomes. CARESS-CR4.
  23. An integrated strategy for promoting physical exercise in fragile elderly persons in the healthcare and municipal fields. The TIPI-TAPA programme.
  24. Evaluation of an e-health system for supporting oncology patients.
  25. Oral anticoagulation. Self-control: A study of the factors that determine the possibility of applying self-analysis and self-control. The scope of full implementation in an Osakidetza region.
  26. Economic assessment of the Prescribe Healthy Life (PVS) strategy.
  27. Psychiatric care of subjects with a mental disability in the Araba mental health network.
  28. Early care for overweight children.
  29. The smoke-free Ezkerraldea-Enkarterri health region.
  30. A collaborative project to improve the integrated approach to patients with depression in the Basque Country.
  31. Analysis of the situation and proposal of an intervention to improve the management of Alzheimer’s disease in the Basque Country..
  32. A study of the effectiveness of spirometry as a motivation tool for stopping smoking. A clinical trial.
  33. Improving the management and follow-up (effectiveness, quality of life and efficiency) of patients with diabetic foot by implementing a multidisciplinary diabetic foot unit. A prospective analysis.