In accordance with the provisions of Law 9/2013 of December 9 on Transparency, Access to Public Information and Good Governance (LTAIBG in Spanish), and in order to channel the publication of information and facilitate compliance with these active advertising obligations, the Biosistemak Institute for Health Systems Research is making this Transparency Portal available to the public.

Applicable legislation

No regulations have been produced and therefore the corresponding records (draft laws, draft regulations, guidelines, instructions, circulars, etc.) have not been developed.

The production of regulations is the responsibility of the Basque Government: we attach a link to Legegunea, where all the legally relevant information published by the Basque Government can be found.


Access to Kronikgune’s Contractor Profile.

Statistical data on the percentage in budgetary volume of contracts awarded through each of the planned procedures

Management agreements and assignments

Table of Kronikgune agreements 2018.

There are no assignments at Kronikgune.

Subsidies and support awarded

This entity does not grant external subsidies or support


Kronikgune budgets for 2017

Kronikgune budgets for 2018

Kronikgune budget for 2019

Kronikgune budget for 2020

Annual accounts

Audit report on Kronikgune’s 2017 annual accounts

Audit report on Kronikgune’s 2018 annual accounts

Audit report on Kronikgune’s 2019 annual accounts 

Audit reports by external audit bodies

Public financial information on Kronikgune – Treasury and Economy Department of the Basque Government.

Information relating to senior management

There is no senior management

Official authorisation or recognition of compatibility affecting employees

There are no resolutions of this kind

The Governing Council agreement of January 13, 2015, approving operating measures in the administration of the Basque Country in terms of access to public information, active advertising and in relation to progress in the culture of transparency and good governance, determined that a common register of all requests for access to public information must be ensured for the Administration of the Basque Country and its public sector.

All requests from the general administration of the Basque Country and its public sector must be channelled through ZUZENEAN, a mailbox for the right of access to public information