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Kronikgune’s mission is focused on the research and management of health and social care services, it is applied with the policies of the competent department in health that pursues the continuous adaptation and transformation of the health system to face the challenges of old age, chronicity and dependence, keeping people at the center of the system.

To achieve this, the Association has the following specific activities:

  • Promote and develop research in health and socio-health services taking advantage of existing capacities in Osakidetza – Basque Health Service, and facilitating the connection with other agents and sectors involved in the fields of old age, chronicity and dependence.
  • Through research in health services, scientifically support the programs and policies of the health system in the areas cited.
  • Emphasis on applied and translational research, oriented towards the generation of economic and social value.
  • Disseminate and apply the results of research, preferably promoting applied research and its transfer to clinical practice and health management, as well as, where appropriate, to public health programs, to social innovation.
  • Collaborate with other agents to contribute to the generation of social and economic value in the Basque Country.
  • To contribute with a positioning to the health system and to the Basque Country in relation to the international one in the scope of the Association’s dedication.

According to its founding principles, Kronikgune’s medium-term vision is to become a research centre of scientific excellence:

  • Focussed on chronicity and healthcare services.
  • With the Basque public health system as its laboratory.
  • As an international leader in action research projects and methodologies and healthcare service research of the very highest scientific quality.
  • As a “space” where healthcare service researchers, system change project research actors, healthcare planners and managers, public health researchers and health policy managers can come together and exchange ideas.