Kronikgune’s mission is based on generating new knowledge in order to:

  • Facilitate, improve or accelerate the implementation and innovation of strategies to combat chronicity in the Basque Country and other healthcare networks.
  • Produce competitive, high-quality scientific results by developing a top-level scientific trajectory involving publications in internationally recognised journals, establishing and leading international projects and competitiveness in the science “market”.

According to its founding principles, Kronikgune’s medium-term vision is to become a research centre of scientific excellence:

  • Focussed on chronicity and healthcare services.
  • With the Basque public health system as its laboratory.
  • As an international leader in action research projects and methodologies and healthcare service research of the very highest scientific quality.
  • As a “space” where healthcare service researchers, system change project research actors, healthcare planners and managers, public health researchers and health policy managers can come together and exchange ideas.