A delegation from Singapore visits the Basque Country to learn about the Basque health system and the care provided by Primary Care.

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The collaboration, coordinated by the Kronikgune Institute together with the Directorate General of Osakidetza, has contributed to the transfer of knowledge of the Basque Country internationally. A delegation from the Singapore health system made up of representatives from the National Health Service of Singapore including the President and CEO, heads of the Population Health and [...]

Kronikgune will attend the Interreg TITTAN COVID-19 project final event

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The event will be held on 27 September 2022 at the ACIS conference room in Santiago de Compostela.   The TITTAN COVID-19 project (Translation, Innovation & Technology Transfer in Ageing Network in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic), aims to establish a knowledge exchange network between five European regions to promote innovation and technology transfer [...]

The Research Network on Chronicity, Primary Care and Health Promotion (RICAPPS) is launched.

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Kronikgune Institute for Health Services Research coordinates two research groups led by Osakidetza professionals. Chronic diseases are the main causes of mortality in Europe and Spain. Moreover, they require complex, integrated, and coordinated long-term health care, involving different health professionals, resources (drugs, diagnostic tests, surgery, rehabilitation, nursing care) and, sometimes, the coordination with social services. [...]

Kronikgune participates in the 9th International Congress on Digital Health

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The 9th edition will be held from 12 to 16 September 2022 in Donostia - San Sebastian.  The International Digital Health Congress, organized by the Digital Health Association and the Signo Foundation, has been held continuously since 2014. This edition will focus on Value-Based Digital Health. Digital Health is a tool and/or digital medium that [...]

Kronikgune participates in the UPV-EHU summer course organised by EuskoFederpen

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The course will be held on September 14 2022 at the Carlos Santamaria Centre in Donostia - San Sebastian.  The summer course entitled "Models of Care for the Elderly. If not at home, just like at home" is organised by EuskoFederpen, an organisation that includes more than 230 social centres, pensioners' and retired people's associations [...]

The European Community VOICE finalist in the New Medical Economics Awards

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Every year since 2019, the New Medical Economics Awards, assessed by its readers and its Editorial Board, recognizes the merits of institutions and professionals dedicated to health management, which have become a reference in the world of healthcare. New Medical Economics ( is a digital media specializing in disseminating health management content in the publication [...]

Thematic Workshops organized by the Next Adopters of the JADECARE project

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During the implementation phase of JADECARE, between June and July 2022, 10 Thematic Workshops have been organized in 10 European regions by the Next Adopters (NAs) of the project.  The JADECARE Joint Action, coordinated at European level by Kronikgune, addresses the implementation of integrated and person-centered care through digital solutions. In this Joint Action involving [...]

The intervention on the management of polypharmacy coordinated by Kronikgune is presented at the XLII SEMFYC Congress

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The 42nd edition of the national congress of the Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine was held from 30 June to 2 July in Seville. The 42nd edition of the National Congress of the Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine, Semfyc, ( held at the Fibes-Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones in Seville, brought [...]

Kronikgune will organize the plenary meeting of the European YOUNG50 project in Bilbao.

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The meeting will be held at Bilbao Exhibition Centre BEC, Kronikgune's headquarters, from June 27 to 28, 2022. This plenary meeting is the first to be held in person since two years ago, after the COVID-19 crisis. The YOUNG50 consortium is meeting at a strategic moment in the project, as the three regions are soon [...]

Kronikgune participates in the 27th Congress of the Euroepan Health Management Association (EHMA 2022)

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The congress will be held from 15-17 June 2022 in a face-to-face format for the first time in Brussels, Belgium. The international and benchmark conference on health management celebrates its 40th anniversary, with the main theme "From people to systems: leadership for a sustainable future". In collaboration with the Leuven Institute for Health Policy, the [...]