300 patients suffering from mild to moderate depression are expected to receive an eight-week on-line therapy treatment called “Beat your depression”, within a maximum of 12 weeks.   

despliegue-mastermind-supera-tu-depresion“Beat your depression” is an on-line therapy programme designed for people with mild or moderate depression and aimed at learning new strategies to overcome illness and modify behaviour, changing the way of thinking and therefore improving the state of mind of the people taking part.

The focus of these therapy sessions is to be dynamic and friendly to prevent apathy in patients attending the sessions and performing the tasks defined in the sessions. Each session consists of: an illustrative video, downloadable documents such as session presentations, a document featuring more in-depth information as well as on-line activities. These activities enable the patients involved to: learn relaxation techniques; control their state of mind; introduce new activities in and outside home every day; learn to be assertive; learn how to take care of relationships or create new ones, etc. For two weeks patients practise each activity until they assimilate and carry them out without guidance or advice from their doctor or relevant consultant.

These therapy sessions are self-managed by patients and supervised by consultants or relevant professionals. Thus, consultants and professionals are responsible for the monitoring and assessment of whether the activities carried out by patients are correct. Based on this monitoring, patients should either progress within the programme or have to repeat a session or activity.

Implementation of the European MasterMind project has involved professionals from the following institutions and organisations: OSI Araba, OSI Ezkerraldea Enkarterri CrucesOSI Barrualde GaldakaoOSI Uribe, OSI Donostialdea, Bizkaia Mental Health Network, Gipuzkoa Mental Health NetworkAraba Mental Health Network and the Health Council. Over 75 professionals involved have received training regarding the new treatment for patients suffering from depression based on the on-line cognitive behavioural therapy project “Beat your depression”. Furthermore, professionals have been informed about the MasterMind project and the action protocol defined for its implementation.

All in all, the results of the launch of the “Beat your depression” programme are expected to assist in the implementation of a new format of cognitive behavioural therapy for patients with depression across the Basque healthcare system.

For further information about the MasterMind project, click here.