The event took place in the city of Tampere in Finland from 21-23 May 2024.

The THCS partnership, Transforming Health and Care Systems, has held a workshop to start the journey towards strengthening health ecosystems in Europe. Following the first steps taken at the workshop held in Vienna in May 2023, the working group focusing on health ecosystems has reconvened to work on identifying transformative health ecosystems in different European countries that can serve as a reference. The work being carried out in the framework of the partnership aims to identify and define those characteristics that make a health ecosystem transformative. The working group is also developing a strategy to attract existing ecosystems to present their success stories and share their knowledge and experience with other European countries.

During the first day of the meeting, which representatives from different regions attended, various ecosystems from Italy, the United Kingdom and Finland were presented, highlighting their success stories. The meeting in Tampere was also an opportunity to visit the facilities of the local Tesoma ecosystem. A good practice in which the collaboration of the Tampere City Council and the Pirkkala district with different agents of the private health sector and NGOs has managed to build a centre where various social and health services are offered to the area’s population. Thanks to the work carried out, the inhabitants of the Tesoma area have seen how, in addition to improving neighbourhood services, health outcomes and their quality of life have improved considerably.

Biosistemak took part in the workshop to highlight the Basque health ecosystem, contributing to the vision of collaboration that has been carried out between the different organizations within the framework of the PCTI 2030.

As the next steps, the working group has established actions to identify transformational ecosystems at national and regional levels to analyse the factors and context that have enabled their success. The THCS group will hold another workshop in autumn 2024 in Vienna to take annual stock of the work done and set the next milestones in the partnership framework.

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