The CNIS (National Congress on Innovation and Public Services) Awards recognise the projects that are contributing the most to the Digital Transformation of Public Administrations and Services aimed at people.

proyecto-carewell-kronikgune-premios-cnis-2016The European project CareWell, coordinated in Europe by Kronikgune, with the participation of Osakidetza (the Basque Healthcare Service), has won the “Most Innovative European Project” award. On 3 March, Jon Etxeberria, Director-General of Osakidetza, and Marisa Merino, Manager of OSI Tolosaldea, representing CareWell, collected the award at the Auditorium of the Royal Mint in Madrid, during the 6th National Congress on Innovation and Public Services. A meeting point on electronic management which was attended by representatives of Spanish Public Administrations, the main companies in the sector and various experts.

Within the framework of the CareWell project, an integrated care model for multiple comorbidity patients has been established using Information and Communications Technology (ICT). Many patients are taking part in the project in the Basque Country, as several Osakidetza organisations are contributing and collaborating, such as OSI Tolosaldea, OSI Uribe, OSI Bilbao-Basurto, OSI Barrualde-Galdakao, OSI Araba and Santa Marina Hospital.

The new care pathway that has been implemented aims to help patients with complex needs, by improving health care and medical assistance with three lines of action: coordination and communication amongst professionals; patient empowerment by providing home-based care in order to improve their ability to self-care and self-manage their diseases; and the use of ICT as facilitators.

CareWell is part of the strategic lines of the Health Department and Osakidetza, and it is specifically part of the proactive action for combatting the challenges of ageing, chronicity and dependency, as well as the sustainability of the healthcare system and the ability to innovate in order to improve patient care, quality of life and health outcomes.

As well as this award, the project already won the “Quality Innovation of the Year 2015” award in the Basque Country, and it was a finalist at the “Innovation Potential 2015” awards in Tallinn in January 2016.  

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