The event took place on 10 May at the Faculty of Nursing, Physiotherapy and Podiatry of the University of Seville.

The EvaluAES group organised its annual workshop on Health Policy and Services Evaluation Research in Seville. The main objective of this edition was to promote multidisciplinary exchange between researchers, as well as to contribute to improving the quality and dissemination of scientific research in this field. During the conference, five papers were presented based on research into the impact of policies related to the health system or health and the evaluation of non-health policies that affect health, such as environmental, labour or educational policies.

Among the presentations made, we highlight the work of Borja García-Lorenzo, health economist at Biosistemak, who presented the work Bringing into play the value equation as a decision-making tool in value-based healthcare, framed in the VOICE community.

The study presented is a work in progress, carried out at the Biosistemak Institute, which aims to develop a proof of concept for the joint estimation of patient-centred outcomes (PCO) and costs in value-based healthcare (VBHC). The study will also enable the interpretation of the value equation figure proposed by Porter, which can help the healthcare system make decisions from a value-based healthcare perspective. This proof of concept is being developed with the perspective that it will be scalable and applicable to different medical conditions.

Borja’s presentation, which followed the workshop format of a presenter-commentator binomial, was followed by an exchange of views, suggestions and constructive criticism of the work by Clara Bermúdez-Tamayo, a researcher at the Andalusian School of Public Health, which will be taken into account in the development of the work.

If you want to know more about this XIII EvaluAES Workshop, you can consult the chronicle of the Workshop in the entry of the AES Health and Economy Blog: