On 27 and 28 June, all the members of the European Scirocco project gathered in AReS Puglia, in the region of Bari, to hold the project’s second General Assembly. 

Scirocco, “SCaling IntegRated Care in COntext” aims to provide a validated and proven tool that facilitates the scaling and successful transfer of Good Practices in integrated care between European regions. The so-called “Scirocco Tool” will enable a multi-dimensional assessment of the maturity of the regions in terms of adopting the Good Practices. At the meeting in Bari, the project’s nine partners were able to share the results from the project’s first year and the analysis of the progress of tasks and scope of the set objectives.

The Basque Country was represented by Kronikgune and Osakidetza, the Basque Health System – the former as the leader of Work Package 4, “Analysis of the maturity requirements of a Good Practice”, and the latter as a region interested in adopting/transferring knowledge of Good Practices. Kronikgune went over the activities carried out to date and also presented the maturity requirements retrieved from the 15 Good Practices analysed as part of the study. As an example, Osakidetza shared the results from the analysis of the “Integrated Approach in Pain Management” practice in the Basque Country.

Partners also had a space during the assembly to share the situation of each region in terms of analysing maturity with the Scirocco Tool. It is worth noting that these analyses are helping to refine the tool. In this sense, the Basque Country presented the work methodology used with stakeholders from various organisations in the system. The entire consortium praised the work carried out by our region.

Lastly, a road map was established for the tasks to be undertaken in the future, in order to help refine the tool further. Discussions regarding the assessment to validate the tool also began.

Don’t hesitate to visit the project data sheet for more information. Click here: https://www.kronikgune.org/scirocco/