The event was held at the Bizkaia Aretoa in Bilbao on 18 April.This event, organised by the Janssen Chair of the UPV/EHU together with the Tecnalia corporation, has tried to address the key aspects of digital transformation and progress in health and welfare of health systems towards better care for people.

In the last decade, digital transformation has been driving innovation and advances in the healthcare field through new technological and digital solutions that improve the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of diseases.

The conference held in Bilbao, in which different international, state and local entities participated, aimed to show the challenges and opportunities offered by this constantly evolving sector, discovering how digital transformation combines the capabilities of technology to improve care processes and the sustainability of health systems and results.

The Scientific Director of Biosistemak, together with experts and professionals, participated in the round table entitled “Transformation of health systems and the value of health data” where she shared Biosistemak’s experience in participating in European projects to improve the use of health data in order to improve the care and health of people.

You can click on the following link for the full programme.