The course will be held on 13 September 2023 at the Miramar Palace in Donostia.

The course entitled “Value-Based Medicine. Perspective and Strategies from health services, methodological approach and successful experiences“, is part of the summer course programme organised by the UPV-EHU (the University of the Basque Country). Organised by Biosistemak (formerly Kronikgune), it will address the value-based medicine model, an innovative strategic framework that seeks to guide health services in their reorganisation towards the provision of care centred on value, and on the patient in a comprehensive and integrated way. This new paradigm combines three essential elements: systems for measuring health outcomes of value to patients; organization of care practice around clinical processes or conditions; and cost per patient throughout the process.

It is worth highlighting the work that has been carried out in the Basque Country, trying to promote value-based care in Osakidetza. This Summer Course aims to become a forum in which the advances made in Osakidetza are highlighted, and where the strategic commitment of the health authorities can be underlined. It will also provide scientific knowledge based on evidence regarding the implementation and evaluation methodologies surrounding value-based medicine.

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