The event was held in Brussels on 18 April 2023.

The European YOUNG50 project is coming to an end and its final conference was held on 18 April 2023. The main objective of YOUNG50 has been the transfer of the Italian model of cardiovascular risk and disease screening, CARDIO50, to three European countries: Lithuania, Romania, and Luxembourg. The CARDIO50 programme focuses on promoting the prevention of cardiovascular diseases by encouraging lifestyle changes and the acquisition of new healthy habits in people at cardiovascular risk. In the framework of the European YOUNG50 project, different activities have been done to transfer and implement this good practice adapted to each pilot country ensuring its sustainability and applicability.

During the final conference, the value of designing and implementing prevention programs for non-communicable diseases in the European Member States was highlighted. It also discussed the integration and sustainability of these programs and shared the results and lessons learned in the transfer of the Cardio50 Best Practice to the three pilot countries. Ane Fullaondo, Scientific Director of Biosistemak (formerly Kronikgune) was in charge of moderating a round table in which the regions adopting the good practice reflected on the work carried out in their centers within the framework of the project and their expectations for the future of the program.

Finally, authorities from different institutions discussed in a round table on policy integration and sustainability of prevention strategies.

After the conference, on 19 April 2023, the organizations participating in YOUNG50 held their last plenary meeting, where the tasks for the closure of the project were identified and assigned. The Biosistemak team (formerly Kronikgune) has been in charge of presenting the results concerning the evaluation of the implementation of CARDIO50 and the analysis of the short-term impact of the program.

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