On 14 and 15 March the Kick-off Meeting for the project in which Osakidetza and Kronikgune are participating took place in Luxembourg.


ACT@Scale, Advanced Care Coordination (CC) & Telehealth (TH) Deployment at Scale, is a European project that aims to implement, develop and consolidate best practices in integrated care and telemonitoring. The project intends to scale up and transfer learning and knowledge to other European regions. Health services from five regions are taking part in ACT@Scale: Catalonia, Southern Denmark, Northern Ireland, North Holland and the Basque Country.

ACT@Scale aims to scale up 13 CC&TH programmes in order to have a real impact on people with chronic diseases, frail patients, the elderly and people with psychiatric problems, and to reduce mortality and improve their quality of life. Osakidetza, the Basque Health Service, is taking part with two best practices that will be scaled up: the telemonitoring service for patients with heart failure and the integrated prevention programme for patients with multiple comorbidities.

The project coordinated by Philips – Home Healthcare Solutions works with a consortium made up of 13 partners from several EU countries. Kronikgune and Osakidetza are leading two work packages: “Evaluation” and “Selection and dynamic adaptation of the service”, respectively.

The Grant Agreement was signed so the proyect has been started. ACT@Scale, the seventh European project that is currently being developed at Kronikgune.