Kronikgune and Osakidetza are the two organisations representing the Basque Country in this project, which focuses on the development and usage of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) to improve care of multi-morbid patients.  

c3cloud-proyecto-europeo-kronikguneC3-Cloud (whose full name is “A Federated Collaborative Care & Cure Cloud Architecture for Addressing the Needs of Multi-morbidity and Managing Poly-pharmacy”) is a 48-month project led by the University of Warwick, in the United Kingdom. The signing of the Grant Agreement was on April and the 3rd and 4th of May has been celebrated the kick off of the project.

The goal of the project is to develop ICT tools to create an environment that integrates information and coordination of activities to support and foster decision-making in the care of patients and/or carers. In order to do this, personalised integrated care plans for multi-morbid patients need to be developed, by digitally adapting clinical guides, developing modules to support decision-making by professionals, and deploying an innovative online platform to manage personalised plans and another platform for patient empowerment. The project will also show how C3-Cloud can be applied in clinical, technological and organisational environments, by validating it in three European regions where health services and infrastructure have different features.

Kronikgune and Osakidetza are part of a consortium made up of 12 members including associations, institutions, organisations, universities and companies from several European countries like the United Kingdom, France, Turkey, Germany, Finland and Sweden.

The C3Cloud project is in keeping with the Basque Country’s Department of Health’s2020 Research and Innovation Strategy”, focusing on the development of integrated care and organisational models by means of implementing and using new ICT platforms.

Horizon 2020’s PHC-25-2015 call for proposals