The course will be held on September 14 2022 at the Carlos Santamaria Centre in Donostia – San Sebastian. 

The summer course entitled “Models of Care for the Elderly. If not at home, just like at home” is organised by EuskoFederpen, an organisation that includes more than 230 social centres, pensioners’ and retired people’s associations in the Basque Country, and the Territorial Associations (AGIJUPENS, NAGUSIAK and LAS CUATRO TORRES).

During the course, experiences and projects implemented in the Basque Country related to long-term care will be presented. In 2015, the WHO (World Health Organisation) included in its report the need to implement integrated care focused on the Elderly, and to tackle the growing demand for long-term care by adapting healthcare systems. For years, many organisations have been defining and implementing new person-centred care models, seeking as well the efficiency and sustainability of the organisation. Within the course, different care models will be presented, from the institutional level and the community and home levels. Models that integrate tools for health promotion, personal autonomy and care, and elderly care will be shared. Different aspects of care will be discussed among assistants through the presentation of good practices and projects related to Person-Centred Care, care at home, care in the community, technological innovation and support resources for new forms of Residential Care.

Kronikgune will participate in the round table “Community aspects of care for the elderly”. The title “Technological innovation and support resources for the elderly” will present the intervention that has been implemented at the community level within Gatekeeper European project. Gatekeeper, funded by the EU, aims to ensure healthier independent living for the ageing population by offering digital solutions for early detection and personalised interventions and improving their health. The community-based intervention, coordinated by Kronikgune, aims to promote health and active and healthy ageing in older people through a mobile application. The MAHA app offers activities for older people to reinforce socialisation, promote active ageing and empowerment, and encourage users to introduce healthy lifestyle habits to delay or reduce deterioration of health status, falls, or dependence.

This quasi-experimental, longitudinal study (pre-post, prospective and without a control group), which began in 2022, will involve 10,000 elderly people and/or their informal caregivers from the Basque Country. To this end, a multi-channel and community recruitment strategy has been designed for the entire community with the participation of organisations and entities that work closely with the elderly people: 11 Integrated Health Organisations (IHOs) of Osakidetza, betiON Public Telecare Service, Active Patient Programme – Paziente Bizia, Osasun Eskola, Adiberri Foundation, Mugiment Programme, Eusko Federpen, Vitoria-Gasteiz City Council, Araba Provincial Council, SSI Group, and the Las Cuatro Torres Association.