Every year since 2019, the New Medical Economics Awards, assessed by its readers and its Editorial Board, recognizes the merits of institutions and professionals dedicated to health management, which have become a reference in the world of healthcare.

New Medical Economics (https://www.newmedicaleconomics.es/) is a digital media specializing in disseminating health management content in the publication addressed to, both health professionals and the public. A large group of experts across areas related to health management and patient experience collaborates regularly with the journal. In this 2022 edition, the European community VOICE, coordinated by Kronikgune, has reached the final round in the category “Best initiative in healthcare transformation” with the proposal “Health and economic outcomes to transform healthcare value in breast and lung cancer”.

This international learning community involves 11 hospitals across five European countries (Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal, and Spain). The VOICE community plays a relevant role as a collaborative space for hospitals facing common challenges and looking for similar solutions.

VOICE is the first European hospital community to address the three main components of Value-Based Healthcare (VBHC):

1) the information systems for measuring health outcomes and resource use for patients,

2) the calculation of the healthcare value per patient and per site during the healthcare process for a pathology; and

3) the organization of healthcare practice addressing clinical processes or conditions.

The VOICE community has enabled the hospitals to perform an essential benchmarking to improve their model of healthcare based on patient-centered care. The proposal is also analyzing the existing differences across the use and costs of the resources. There is variability in clinical practice linked to the economic burden on the healthcare center, which leaves room for a short-term challenge aimed at the calculation of the patient and healthcare center value.

If you want to support the VOICE community candidacy in the New Medical Economics awards, click on the following link. You will be able to register free at New Medical Economics, explore the nominations across categories and vote for this innovative project.