This II edition, which is intended to share the available knowledge and experiences regarding the launch of initiatives focussing on integrated care, will be held on 18 November.


The integrated care organisation model, in which Osakidetza has been immersed for many years, is based on a person-centred population approach in order to facilitate access to the health system via the coordination, collaboration and integration of all agents who intervene in the different care settings. Strong leadership and a close interprofessional collaboration are essential for this organisational change.

This meeting between professionals from both the public and private primary care, hospital, mental health and social settings is focussed “Towards a collaborative learning network”.

The meeting will be inaugurated by the Basque government’s minister for health, Jon Darpón. It will start with a presentation by Marisa Merino, Manager of OSI Tolosaldea, together with Ane Fullaondo, R&D Coordinator at Kronikgune, entitled “Facing up to the challenge of multiply co-morbid patients by collaboration: the experience of European projects”. This challenge forms part of the European  Carewell project

which aims to improve the care provided to complex chronic patients by way of coordination between healthcare professionals and empowering and monitoring patients.

It should be noted that Kronikgune, together with Osakidetza, will also present the European Mastermind project by way of a shot communication on the “Roll-out of an on-line therapy for depression patients”. This is an opportunity to explain the cognitive behavioural therapy designed to provide persons with mild or moderate depression with a tool that allows them to learn new strategies to cope with their condition.

Other European projects in which Kronikgune and Osakidetza are involved, such as United for Health and Pre-Start, will also be presented in poster form.

The OSI Ezkerraldea Enkarterri Cruces will host this meeting packed with communications, talks and presentation in which Osakidetza hopes to increase the awareness of all healthcare professionals, social agents and management teams at Osakidetza of the importance of integrated care and the organisational and cultural changes required in the health system.

If you would like to download the programme for the II Symposium on Integrated Care, click here.