On 27th and 28th June, the city of Edinburgh, Scotland, was the venue for the latest meeting of the European project’s consortium.

The European Scirocco project,SCaling IntegRated Care in COntext”, which has been running for 27 months of a total of 32, seeks the development and validation of a tool that, analysing the context, enables the scaling-up and transfer of Good Practices in Integrated Care between European regions. Therefore, the Scirocco Tool aims to enable the multi-dimensional assessment of the maturity of regions for the implementation of integrated care and the analysis of the maturity requirements of Good Practices. Kronikgune and Osakidetza are part of the consortium of 10 organisations in this project.

The fourth meeting aimed to pool the work carried out since the previous meeting held in March 2018. During this period, the “Scirocco Tool” has been used to evaluate the maturity requirements of the context of 15 Good Practices for their scaling-up or transfer to another environment. The tool enables the maturity requirements of the Good Practices to be evaluated for their use in twinning and coaching between regions. The tool has also been refined. Over these months, “on site” visits to the region of Puglia, Italy, and the Basque Country have also been organised. The aim of these visits was to obtain a better understanding of the Good Practices in these regions. Last June, the Basque Country was visited by a Delegation from the Norbotten region, Sweden, which was interested in finding out in-depth about the “Advance Care Directives” (or Living Wills) Good Practice developed in the Integrated Healthcare Organisation (IHO) Araba.

Kronikgune and Osakidetza attended this fourth meeting, during which the methodology used to obtain the requirements of the Good Practices was reviewed, among other things. The evaluation of the maturity of the “Advance Directives” practice was presented as an example. The challenges faced and the innovative elements were put forward and the results obtained following the evaluation of the maturity requirements using the “Scirocco Tool” were presented. The analysis carried out to check the feasibility of this practice being implemented in the Norbotten region was discussed following the visit.

Prior to the final project meeting being held on 24th October in Brussels, other “on site” visits will be organised to find out about other Good Practices that have been evaluated by other regions. Thus, a Delegation from the Basque Country will travel to Scotland to discover the “Building Healthier and Happier Communities” practice. The visits will enable the degree in which Scirocco helps the knowledge transfer process between regions to be analysed.

If you would like to know more about the project, visit the official website or the article published on the Kronikgune website: https://www.kronikgune.org/scirocco/