The visit, framed within the Scirocco European project, took place on 4 and 5 September in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

The Scirocco European project (, which ends on 20 November 2018, aims to provide a validated and proven tool to facilitate the successful scaling-up of integrated care Good Practices in different European regions (“Scirocco Tool”). This 12-dimension tool allows to discover the strengths and areas of improvement of a specific region for the implementation of integrated care solutions.

Kronikgune and Osakidetza represent the Basque Country in this project. Both organisations are collaborating by testing and validating the tool, alongside 4 other European regions: Scotland (United Kingdom), Puglia (Italy), Olomuc (Czech Republic) and Norrbotten (Sweden). In this last phase of the project, the Basque Country is participating in two study visits to analyse to what extent the “Scirocco Tool” facilitates knowledge exchange among European regions. With the Scottish visit, the Basque Country seeks to analyse the feasibility of including the third sector in the partnership for the provision of integrated care within our region.

For this purpose, a delegation formed by professionals of the health (Health Department, BIOEF and Osakidetza) and social (Department of Employment and Social Policies) sectors has learned about the participation of the third sector in the provision of integrated care in Scotland. The Basque Delegation had the opportunity of visiting voluntary organisations, such as G.R.A.C.E. – Group Recovery Aftercare Community Enterprise and Carr Gomm. Furthermore, the group also visited SCVO-Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations and CCPS-Coalition of Care and support Providers in Scotland, which are responsible for the management of voluntary organisations in Scotland.

During the visit, the group learned in detail about the organisational model and the regulatory framework of the third sector in Scotland, in addition to experiencing first-hand some of the activities developed by G.R.A.C.E. and Carr Gomm in East Dunbartonshire, in the North of Glasgow.

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