The ranking prepared by Stanford University, California, selects 2% of the most cited researchers in scientific publications.

Two researchers attached to the Kronikgune Institute, José María Quintana, Principal Investigator of the Kronikgune Research Group “Health services in chronic diseases” (Barrualde-Galdakao IHO), and Amaia Bilbao, Principal Investigator of the RICAPPS network group “Development of methodologies for research in health services” (Bilbao- Basurto IHO), are on the list published by Stanford University.

This Ranking of the World Scientists, produced annually by Stanford University and the academic publishing house Elsevier, is considered the most prestigious in the world. It is based on data collected by Scopus and available from Mendeley. It is developed considering different parameters related to the impact of scientific publications: number of publications, number of times they have been cited in scientific papers published by other people working in science, and other indicators of the impact of their work. The published list includes more than 200,000 top scientists from around the world from more than 20,000 centers worldwide.

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