The Carewell project led by the Basque Country, via Osakidetza and Kronikgune, has been selected as one of the “Initiatives of the Year” in the Management category by Correo Farmacéutico, a publication that recently celebrated its XII Awards Ceremony, which aims to reward the daily work of people whose contributions help to improve the world of healthcare.


Carewell is a European project that studies new integrated care pathways for multiply co-morbid patients in which Italy, Wales, Poland and Croatia also participate

This project focuses on improving care and care services for complex chronic patients and social care needs via two pathways, namely coordination of integrated care and empowerment, care and home-based support by developing and using new information and communication technologies (ICTs).

Carewell is one of the strategic lines shared by the Basque Regional Government’s Department of Health and Osakidetza, specifically as part of the proactive action for combatting the challenges of chronicity, ageing and dependency, as well as the sustainability of the health system and the ability to innovate to improve care, quality of life and health outcomes for patients.


Over the past few years Osakidetza has incorporated tools such as the electronic prescription, interconsultations, telemonitoring, the Health Dossier, the active patient gateway and follow-up calls, which are helping to ensure better coordination between professionals and to increase the participation of patients in the management of their disease.

The Head of Healthcare Research and Innovation, María Aguirre, and the Director of Pharmacy, Iñaki Betolaza, collected the award on behalf of the Department of Health. Aguirre noted that “this is recognition of the work of numerous professionals who contribute every day to the transformation and improvement of the Basque public health system so that it can continue to offer the very best care to the public”.

She also highlighted the importance of cooperation with European partners and the recognition of the ability of the health system to contribute to developments of global interest, noting that the Basque Country is one of the reference regions in the field of active and healthy ageing-related innovation.

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Call for tender for project: CIP-ICT Policy Support Programme 2013-7

Project no.: 620983