starRI-standards-reporting-implementation-studies-kronikguneThe collection and publication of these standards seeks to create a document that includes the recommendations for the improvement and standardisation of publications for reporting implementation studies (“StaRI”). It is an initiative intended for helping researchers develop clear and precise reports of the studies that have been executed and implemented.

A systematic review and e-Delphi has been carried out for its creation. The “StaRI” list includes 27 items/standards. These mark the directives to be followed to make a correct description of the conducted implementation strategy and the effectiveness of the intervention that has been carried out.

It is important to highlight the participation of Gonzalo Grandes Odriozola from the Primary Care Research Unit of Bizkaia, Sub-directorate of Health Care at Osakidetza, co-author of the paper. (Link to the paper)

The adoption of “StaRI” will help researchers draft reports. It will also enable the transfer from research to practice and improve the health of individuals and population at large.

If you wish to know the “StaRI” standards, visit The Equator website to read them or download the paper at:

If you want to download the paper, clic here:  StaRI Statement PinnockH BMJ 2017BMJ 2017

If you want to download the standars list, clic here: StaRI Checklist