in-situ-visit-tittan-interreg-pais-vasco-kronikguneOn 22 and 23 of February the Basque Country welcomed representatives from the regions of Saxony (Germany), Lombardy (Italy), Galicia and Scotland to learn about the INNOSASUN programme developed by BIOEF. The attendees were able to learn about the project first hand and see the success stories achieved thanks to it. During the session, the programme managers participated, together with representatives from BIOEF, collaborating companies and the Ezkerraldea-Enkarterri Cruces integrated healthcare organisation.

The INNOSASUN Programme articulates the interaction between the healthcare system, the entrepreneurial system and related agents, giving due response to the needs detected in the field of innovation. It seeks to enable the Basque healthcare system to become a preferential partner, who puts their capacities and know-how at the service of socio-economic development. Thus, the INNOSASUN programme will favour the shared development (healthcare system-industry) of successful innovation, generating mutual benefits.

This visit is framed within the TITTAN European Project (Network for Technology, Innovation and Translation in Ageing). It seeks to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and Good Practices focused on promoting the design and use of innovative technological solutions for active ageing.

Specifically, their visit to the Basque Country is framed within the first thematic area of the project: Technological Innovation (Outside – In). This area seeks to promote the uptake of innovative products and solutions for public healthcare services through new procedures. For this purpose, several on-site visits are foreseen. To date, another three visits have been organised in addition to this one. These visits have allowed the partners to share methods, procedures and lessons learned in relation to specific Good Practices to facilitate their transferability to other regions. ACIS (Health Knowledge Agency) and ARCA (Azienda Regionale Centrale Acquitis S.p.a) presented the innovative public purchasing in Galicia and Lombardy, respectively; ARCA also presented the Sintel platform. The visit to Glasgow (Scotland) focused on showcasing the “Technology Enabled Care (TEC)” programme developed by the Digital Health Institute (DHI) and the University of Strathclyde.

If you wish to learn more about the project, visit the following website:

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The TITTAN project has been co-funded (85%) by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the Interreg Europe Programme.