Osakidetza was granted the renowned “Integrated Care Award” at the gala dinner held on 9 May in Dublin.

From 8 to 10 May 2017, Dublin hosted the 17th International Conference on Integrated Care (ICIC). The Basque Country had the opportunity to present the projects it was involved in together with Osakidetza, Kronikgune and Bioef. The congress is a meeting point for researchers, professionals and managing teams committed to the design and provision of integrated health and social care services within the private and public sectors around the world. The conference received 1200 delegations from 54 countries and 3,500 people viewed it via the live stream.

This year’s motto was “Building a platform for integrated care: delivering change that matters to people”. During three days the speakers shared experiences and projects for Integrated Care from different perspectives such as public healthcare, social-healthcare attention, change management, innovation, Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) solutions, new professional challenges, and others. Over 700 paper were submitted of which 270 were presented by papers and 335 presented by posters.

Osakidetza receiving the “Integrated Care Award”

In this edition, the new integrated care pathway for complex chronic patients implemented by Osakidetza within the Carewell European project, which is led by Kronikgune, was granted the Integrated Care Award.  Dr. Marisa Merino, Managing Director of Tolosaldea IHO, was responsible for delivering the speech. Her presentation was positively received for its innovative character, impact and relevance in Integrated Care. The pathway focuses on a complex chronic and frail population that requires complex healthcare and social services. The incorporation and use of innovative solutions and new information and communication technologies (ICTs) in the model have been key to achieve Integrated Care. Likewise, they have contributed to the improvement of the coordination of the healthcare professionals, improving compliance with the treatments, promotion of self-care and increasing the awareness of the patient and the caregiver about health. Congratulations to the Osakidetza professionals for their hard work!

Kronikgune and Osakidetza also presented risk stratification, integrated care and patient empowerment within the framework of the ACT@Scale, Scirocco and ASSEHS projects. This took place within “The Implementation Room: How to design and implement integrated care: Lessons from early adopters in Europe – Basque Country” a section organised by the Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency (CHAFEA).

The European projects C3Cloud and MasterMind were also shown. The first showcased a technological and innovative architectural project that, once built, would provide multimorbid patients with constant, personalised, integrated, multidisciplinary and coordinated care. In turn, they presented the experience of the Basque Country in the MasterMind project and the results obtained after the deployment of the on-line cognitive-behavioural therapy titled: “Overcome your depression”, which has been implemented in different health organisations within the Basque Country.

Design Thinking Methodology

In one of the sessions Osakidetza and Bioef presented a communication under the title: “Looking from the other side: Using Design Thinking for Strategic Projects at the Basque Health Service”. An opportunity to make the “design thinking” methodology known, a method that was used in the Osakidetza Integrasarea corporate project. This method has enabled over 100 professionals to analyse the challenges that the Basque healthcare system faces from the user and/or patient perspective.

Other studies from the Basque Country Health Department and Osakidetza had been implemented in the Basque Country were exhibited. The attendees were able to learn about the “D’Amour” questionnaire, used to evaluate inter-professional co-operation, the tools to assess the results of Integrated Care within the Basque healthcare system and the new Active Patient program launched in the Basque System.

If you would like to learn more about what happened at the conference, click here: https://guidebook.com/guide/92324/schedule/#date/05-08-2017