On 24 April, Bilbao hosted the first session of Aging Bilbao. A meeting point for healthcare professionals, representatives of the social-healthcare sector and technological companies. The purpose was to show how technology and innovation are improving the quality of life of the elderly. Likewise, the session addressed home care, a field in which new technologies are being implemented such as medical teleconsultation, telemonitoring or transfer of information in real-time for prevention and cognitive stimulation of the population.

In this regard, Kronikgune had the opportunity of presenting the new integrated care pathway implemented within the framework of the Carewell European project. This new pathway seeks to improve integrated healthcare for complex chronic patients, promoting the coordination among professionals of different assistance levels, while empowering the patient and caregiver and monitoring the patient at home.

This new organisational model focuses on complex chronic and frail patients and has been implemented in several Osakidetza Integrated Healthcare Organizations (IHO). This population has complex healthcare and social needs, and are at high risk of being admitted to the hospital and requiring at-home care. The new healthcare pathway makes use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) to facilitate the coordination between healthcare professionals, to improve compliance with the treatment protocol, to promote self-care and self-management, and to increase the awareness of the patient and the caregiver of their health status.

Currently, within the European project ACT@Scale, Kronikgune and Osakidetza are collaborating in the extension of the new integrated care pathway for complex chronic patients to all the IHOs and organisations. Until now, the multidisciplinary work teams of the project have detected the areas of improvement, while defining goals and prioritising interventions for the scaling-up. All of these initiatives are framed in three dimensions: change management, selection of services adapted to the patient’s needs and the empowerment of the patient and/or caregiver.

If you would like to learn more about the session, click here. https://www.agingbilbao.com/