The Deputy Councillor for Technology, Innovation and Competitiveness published the decision whereby the Asociación Kronikgune is accredited as a Science/Technology Agent of the Basque Network in the category of Health R&D Organisation.

The RVCTI was created on 29th April 1997, with the aim of developing a smart technology infrastructure, to network in a supplementary and co-ordinated manner and from a market and closeness to the customer approach. The purpose of this network is to provide an integrated, sophisticated technological offer which is specifically adapted to the Basque business fabric. This network is made up of different contributing nodes designed to turn the Basque Country into an innovative society in every field, always seeking for the maximum public-private collaboration.

Some of RVCTI activities are coordinated by Innobasque, the Basque Innovation Agency. The agency was created 6 years ago to co-ordinate and promote innovation in the Basque Country in every field, as well as fostering entrepreneurial and creative spirit in the bodies, companies, institutions, etc. which make up the network. 

On the basis of the Science, Technology and Innovation Plan 2015, Innobasque activity scope in relation to the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network consists of:

  1. Foster effective co-ordination and collaboration of all agents in the field of Science, Technology and Innovation.
  2. Facilitate interaction with the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation agents and meet the production network demands with the system capacities.

Therefore, Kronikgune as a network member, is recorded in the Science, Technology and Innovation Register in the “Health R&D Units” category. 

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