The event will be held on April 28 and 29 at the Casa de Ejercicios San José del Escorial.

The 31st edition of the congress, Communication and Health, is presented with fresh air after having been canceled in previous years.Kronikgune will present in an oral communication the intervention that has just been launched in the Basque Country in the space reserved at the congress for the IV Research Forum and IX Meeting of the Communication and Health Research Network. The use case, framed in the European Gatekeeper project, aims to promote active and healthy aging among the Basque population over 65 years. Through the promotion of physical activity, cognitive training, and social participation, as well as direct access to educational materials on health, it seeks to enhance the independence, empowerment, autonomy, and well-being of the elderly. For this purpose, the MAHA application will be used, which aims to be a health asset that helps to raise awareness and improve people’s health and wellness literacy, promote self-management and contribute to a longer, independent and better quality of life for older people.

In this quasi-experimental, longitudinal (pre-post, prospective, and without control group) study, which has recently started, the participation of 10,000 elderly people and/or their caregivers in the Basque Country is foreseen. To this end, a multi-channel and community recruitment strategy has been defined for the whole Basque territory in which different organizations and entities working with the elderly will participate: 11 Integrated Healthcare Organizations (IHOs) from OsakidetzabetiON Servicio Público de TeleasistenciaPrograma Paciente Activo – Paziente BiziaOsasun EskolaAdiberri FoundationMugiment ProgrammeEusko Federpen, Vitoria-Gasteiz city hallDiputación de ArabaGrupo SSI, y Las Cuatro Torres, among others.

The MAHA App aims to demonstrate the real effects of the implementation of digital and innovative tools to enhance the welfare and quality of life of people. Through a digital tool, we want people to be more aware of their health, encouraging their involvement and participation in making decisions related to their health. The main objective of MAHA is to make older people healthier and to make healthy choices easier.

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