The workshop organized by the Health Economics Association, AES will be held on May 6, 2022 at the University of Barcelona.

The EvaluAES group ( organizes annually a Workshop on Health Policy and Services Evaluation Research. This workshop aims to foster multidisciplinary exchange among researchers, contribute to the improvement of quality, and to broaden the dissemination of scientific research in this field. The workshop includes six papers that are presented by one author and commented on by another researcher of reference in the field, in many cases with a different professional career than the author of the paper. The papers presented are based on evaluative research, such as the evaluation of the implementation or impact of a policy related to the health system or health.

Kronikgune will participate in a round table and will make a presentation under the title “UPRIGHT resilience program for adolescents. Results of the qualitative evaluation in schools in Europe“. The aim of the presentation will be to present the design, methodology, and main qualitative results obtained in the European project UPRIGHT, as well as the implemented program aimed at promoting the mental well-being of adolescents. The aim is to give an overview of the project, the designed program and its materials, as well as the results obtained from the intervention, including the perception of adolescents, teachers, or families about the program and intervention, in terms of satisfaction, acceptability, and changes in mental well-being.

The UPRIGHT intervention is based on a comprehensive and validated theoretical model of resilience. Co-created by participants and a team of experts, it is a structured and manualized program but at the same time flexible to local needs and can also be compatible with other school interventions, which has been scientifically evaluated as effective at regional and European level. UPRIGHT focuses on the adolescent population, but with a comprehensive approach that involves teachers, and families and generates a culture of mental wellbeing in the school.

The program is adapted to seven languages: Basque, Spanish, English, Italian, Icelandic, Polish and Danish.

All materials are available on its official website and on the Kronikgune website.