UPRIGHT is a resilience-based psychoeducational intervention scientifically tested in schools, designed to promote mental well-being and prevent mental disorders in adolescents. It uses a whole school approach, involving adolescents, their families and the entire school community.

To view a brief presentation of UPRIGHT visit: https://youtu.be/vEqFLWFp8qk

What a school needs to know before implementing the UPRIGHT resilience intervention for adolescents.

  • Why increase resilience in adolescents?
  • What is UPRIGHT?
  • UPRIGHT resilience-based programme
  • How is UPRIGHT delivered?
  • What are the strengths of UPRIGHT?

Informative document

This document provides the instructions and relevant practical information on UPRIGHT. It should help identify the basic features and characteristics of the programme needed to implement the UPRIGHT intervention in your school.

Materials available:

Some documents that could be useful when implementing the UPRIGHT intervention in schools are provided.

Materials available:

Document with frequently asked questions that may arise.