The 22nd edition of the congress will be held from 23-25 May 2022 in hybrid, online, and face-to-face format in Odense, Denmark.

ICIC 2022, the International Conference on Integrated Care, is one of the most prestigious congresses in Europe, bringing together researchers, managers, and healthcare professionals, as well as management teams from different European countries and worldwide. This year, the congress focuses on the coherence and integration of healthcare systems to respond to demographic challenges and reduce patients’ length of stay in hospitals. It will also address the digitization of systems, towards data sharing for early diagnosis and the approach to chronic diseases by empowering patients and involving them in the management of their disease. Information exchange between community agents will also be shared and discussed with the aim of providing comprehensive care for people.

Kronikgune will present in several oral communications and thematic workshops two of the European projects it leads, ADLIFE and JADECARE respectively, and two posters of the use cases it is piloting in the European Gatekeeper project.

ADLIFE Project: coordinated by Kronikgune

  • Mode: oral presentation
  • Title: ADLIFE health outcome framework
  • Description: The ADLIFE project (GA 875209) promotes the patient-centered approach through the measurement of health outcomes. In the project, we have consensually defined the set of outcomes to be measured in the project. These have been grouped into domains relevant to ADLIFE’s target population, aiming for feasibility and comprehensiveness. At this Congress, ADLIFE will present the framework developed that groups the minimum set of outcomes into the agreed domains and how this facilitates outcome-based care planning and project evaluation.

ADLIFE will also be presented in two other sessions, through two oral communications:

  • Review on the effects of Shared Decision Making (SDM) carried out for the purpose of implementing SDM in the ADLIFE project. – Led by OUH (Consortium partner).
  • Health data integration architecture for continuous behavioral health monitoring and the delivery of personalized and adaptive “time-tailored” interventions in the ADLIFE project – Led by SRDC (Consortium Partner)

Joint Action JADECARE: coordinated by Kronikgune

  • Modality: Workshop
  • Date: Tuesday 24 May at 16:30hrs.
  • Title: Transfer and adoption of good practice in person-centered, digitally-enabled integrated care: what challenges and key elements need to be addressed for successful transfer?
  • Description: This workshop aims to explore the challenges and key elements to consider when transferring good practices to heterogeneous health systems with different needs, objectives, and scopes. Some experiences being carried out in the JADECARE project will be shared, and the transfer strategy implemented and the learning acquired from the actions deployed will be presented.

  • Modality: workshop
  • Date: Monday 23rd at 13hrs.
  • Title: Joint workshop organized with the SCIROCCO Exchange and VIGOUR projects. “Exploring challenges and opportunities for transferring good practices, building capacity and scaling up integrated care”.
  • Description: Three EU Health Programme projects provide technical assistance to health authorities for the transfer, capacity building, and scaling up of integrated care (IC): JADECARE, SCIROCCO Exchange, and VIGOUR. This workshop will facilitate discussion to analyze the challenges and opportunities for the transfer of integrated care in Europe. JADECARE will share the knowledge transfer strategy that has been designed in the project, SCIROCCO Exchange will present the training process developed, and IGOUR the scaling-up experience of its program.


  • Description: the two developed posters summarising the two interventions being carried out by Kronikgune in the Basque Country will be shown on the touch screens of the congress.
  • Poster 1: Use Case 1 – Evaluation of a mobile health application to promote healthy aging among the elderly
  • Poster 2: Use Case 7 – Evaluation of ICT solutions to promote polypharmacy management in elderly people with multi-chronic diseases