The 56th edition of the congress was held from 17 to 19 May 2022 in Paris. 

The SANTEXPO exhibition ( is celebrating its 56th edition and this year’s theme was “Health, Europe’s new frontier?  SANTEXPO had 900 exhibitors and brought together more than 30,000 people: caregivers, experts, researchers, technology developers, and healthcare professionals involved in the management, digitalization, equipment, and construction of healthcare services. This year the focus was on healthcare as the pillar of the welfare state in Europe, which has been reshaped by the pandemic caused by COVID-19. The global health crisis has demanded a coordinated response from countries, and a joint effort by national health systems to protect the health of their populations. SANTEXPO has become a space to share ideas, experiences, and competencies, and to promote cooperation in industry, research, and innovation. Likewise, the show aimed to reach a common understanding among the attendees for the application of preventive policies with the aim of answering the following question: “Has healthcare in Europe become the new frontier of European integration? “

Kronikgune has been invited to present the integrated care strategy implemented in the Basque health system, which seeks clinical and functional organizational integration. The model deployed aims to provide continuity of care at both the health and social level through a series of processes and tools. The main objective of integrated care is to meet the current needs of the population more efficiently and with a population-based approach by configuring and redistributing resources, improving their coordination and promoting digital health. This model is possible in the Basque Country thanks to the tools already implemented and deployed that enable the monitoring of patients and favor personalized care for patients and caregivers as well as family members in their environment. In this sense, in addition to presenting the integrated care strategy, Kronikgune presented some of the tools at SANTEXPO, such as risk stratification tool or the Electronic Health Record of Osakietza, Osabide Global.