On 9, 16, 23 and 30 September, the International Conference on Integrated Care was held in online format.

The new edition of the most prestigious International Conference on Integrated Care in Europe brought together more than 1,000 researchers, healthcare professionals and management teams from 80 countries. Over the course of four thematic days, experiences, projects and evidence on the integration of services from different perspectives were shared. Four themes were addressed: 1) the vision and values of systems towards integrated care; 2) implementing science and digital solutions to achieve a value-based approach to care; 3) improving the experience of health and care systems for all; and 4) improving the outcomes of integrated care across the lifespan. The 20th edition also discussed how COVID-19 has changed the vision and experience of healthcare, and the delivery of healthcare towards a multidisciplinary approach.

Kronikgune presented three European projects C3-Cloud, Gatekeeper and Scirocco Exchange in the sessions organised during the congress. In addition, this edition has had a “virtual stand“, a space where attendees have been able to contact and learn more about the Institute and have been able to create collaborative networks with different entities and organisations.

C3-Cloud project was presented in the “Integrated Care in Europe” session as a facilitator of coordinated care for multi-pathological patients through an integrated and preventive system to support clinical decision-making. The pilot project carried out by Osakidetza and Kronikgune in the Basque Country was shared. How the C3-Cloud system has been deployed and achieved interoperability with Osakidetza’s information systems. The C3-Cloud system has been used to implement continuous coordination of the activities carried out by a multidisciplinary team of health professionals and by patients/informal carers. The patient-oriented platform has also been shown, how a personalised plan is created for a patient with the support of decision support modules, the patient’s access to their plan, the execution of activities, and the updating of the plan, among others.

In the session “Innovative Digital Solutions to support Integration“, Kronikgune presented Gatekeeper project. Funded under the Horizon 2020 programme, this project aims to ensure healthier independent living for the ageing population. Gatekeeper will provide evidence in terms of quality of care and health outcomes by using large databases through Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and data analytics technologies. The aim is the early detection of diseases and disabilities, understanding of symptoms and early diagnosis, and facilitating continuous and personalised monitoring. The pilot project to be carried out by Kronikgune and Osakidetza was also shared. Both organisations are responsible for two use cases, the first focusing on healthy lifestyles in the elderly and the early detection of decompensation, and the second aimed at addressing multi-pathological, polymedicated patients to increase their adherence to treatment and try to avoid adverse effects derived from medication.

Finally, the SCIROCCO Exchange project has organised a workshop to present the “Knowledge Management Hub” being developed by the project. This tool will connect existing assets in integrated care with the specific needs of the participating regions and will foster knowledge transfer in line with the needs of European regions. Kronikgune presented the search strategy for relevant documents and the literature review carried out in recent months. In total, more than 230 articles have been selected from the literature review and the nine regions have identified more than 270 assets that may be of interest to the regions in advancing and implementing integrated care in their health systems. The workshop also shared the experience of three European regions, the Flanders region in Belgium, Lithuania and Slovenia, in using the “SCIROCCO tool” to assess the maturity of their health systems in terms of integrated care. This tool is also presented as a very valid instrument for self-assessing other systems in terms of adopting integrated care!

If you want to know more about the congress click here: https://integratedcarefoundation.org/events/icic20-20th-international-conference-on-integrated-care