As part of this study in the Basque Country, Osakidetza, Kronikgune and Tekniker have developed an on-line application for patients with bipolar disorder.



FI-STAR (Future Internet Social and Technological Alignment Research), which is funded by the FP7 programme, was launched on 01 April 2013 and has lasted for a total of 30 months, with the participation of 43 partners. The aim of the project was to create a robust framework based on the “software to data” paradigm that meets the needs of the health sector industry, taking into account the requirement of personal data protection when using public cloud networks.

As a result of this project, seven applications have been rolled-out and piloted in seven participating European countries (Poland, Romania, Italy, England, Germany, Norway, Spain). The aim of these interventions was to allow the concept of a facilitator-based platform created as part of the FI-WARE project to be validated, thereby offering a standardised and certified software to the community that includes a secure and solid platform which takes advantage of the benefits of cloud computing.

In the intervention in the Basque Country, an application has been rolled-out in the Osakidetza setting to treat patients with bipolar disorder. This application was piloted in the OSI HUA Araba, under the supervision of Dr. Ana Gonzalez Pinto, the regional Principal Investigator for the project.

The application developed and rolled-out allows care and follow-up to be provided to patients with bipolar disorder by way of a therapy structured into sessions on psychoeducation, psychotherapy, health status monitoring (mood, hours of sleep, clinical scales) and adherence to pharmacological treatment.

The patients recruited followed an on-line therapy comprising eight educational sessions. Each such session educates the patient by way of downloadable information sheets and videos in which a healthcare professional explains the content of the sheet. In order to allow follow-up by a healthcare professional, once the session has finished, patients are asked to complete a series of exercises and questions to determine their understanding and current state.

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