In order to promote healthy lifestyles in adolescents aged between 12 and 14 years using games and activities, the “Bidasoatik Mundura, Sasoi Erronka” programme has been launched, as part of the European Pre-Start project, in 10 secondary schools in Bidasoa.

The European Pre-Start project aims to identify and create a tool for identifying the risk factors associated with type II diabetes (DMT2) and to evaluate the effectiveness of a health-promotion programme aimed at the adolescent population in order to increase physical activity and promote healthy lifestyles.

The roll-out of this intervention and programme in the 10 schools selected has been undertaken as part of a local community health network in Bidasoa in which Public Health in Gipuzkoa, Bidasoa Integrated Health Organisation from Osakidetza, Berritzegune from Irun (Department of Education), the Irun and Hondarribia town councils and Kronikgune have participated.  

During the school year 2015-2016, students participating in the programme “Bidasoatik Mundura, Sasoi Erronka” will work on three aspects, namely physical activity, participating in an imaginary world tour and undertaking the activities designed for each country; a healthy diet, completing a quarterly questionnaire; and creativity, by producing a video summary of the key events of each school term, in teams.

Similarly, all students at two of the participating schools will attend educational workshops on healthy eating and nutrition presented by nutritionists. Moreover, students must complete three questionnaires on nutrition, physical activity and physical inactivity at the start and end of the school year. This will allow a better evaluation of the effectiveness of a programme covering all aspects (educational workshops and promotion of physical activity) in order to achieve adherence of the students to long-term lifestyle changes.

Given the interest of the scientific and care communities in implementing interventions based on new technologies, the web page has been launched. This interactive, intuitive, attractive and modern web page will serve as a dynamic reference tool for the activities undertaken at the schools. Using the web page, students gain information regarding the activity they will be undertaking, answer questionnaires on diet, watch videos, etc.

A programme based on adolescents and their family environment that will conclude with a party for all schools in the Bidasoa region participating in “Bidasoatik Mundura, Sasoi Erronka”.