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The Basque Country welcomes a delegation from New Aquitaine, France, to learn about Good Practices in Risk Stratification.

2017-06-09T09:07:45+00:009 June 2017|Kronikgune News|

This partnership is part of what the European Commission has called “twinning” between regions. The meeting where was presented the population stratification of the Basque Country. In 2016 the European Commission recognised The Basque Country as a Reference Site to implement a comprehensive and innovative focus in the development, adoption and implementation of [...]

Registration for the second “Expert in Health Services and Chronic Disease Research” course now open.

2017-06-01T10:29:26+00:001 June 2017|Kronikgune News|

The Health Services in Chronic Disease Research Network (REDISSEC) along with Alcalá University has organised the second edition of the "Expert in Health Services and Chronic Disease Research” course.  In order to provide solid and appropriate evidence regarding best policies, practices and organisational models, with a view to improving the results of health care for [...]

The Basque Country presents its experience on the transfer of knowledge between European regions at eHealth Week 2017

2017-05-24T12:35:09+00:0024 May 2017|Kronikgune News|

The capital city of Malta hosted the congress eHealth Week 2017 from 10 to 12 May, 2017.  The main theme for this year was Data for Health: the key to personalized sustainable care. Under this topic, the congress sought to give relevance to the data that are located at the heart of the services and [...]

Kronikgune presents a new integrated care pathway for complex chronic patients that has been implemented in Osakidetza

2017-05-24T12:05:26+00:0024 May 2017|Kronikgune News|

On 24 April, Bilbao hosted the first session of Aging Bilbao. A meeting point for healthcare professionals, representatives of the social-healthcare sector and technological companies. The purpose was to show how technology and innovation are improving the quality of life of the elderly. Likewise, the session addressed home care, a field in which new technologies [...]

Osakidetza’s Integrated Care pathway for complex chronic patients awarded at the 17th International Conference on Integrated Care

2017-05-24T11:36:25+00:0023 May 2017|Kronikgune News|

Osakidetza was granted the renowned “Integrated Care Award” at the gala dinner held on 9 May in Dublin. From 8 to 10 May 2017, Dublin hosted the 17th International Conference on Integrated Care (ICIC). The Basque Country had the opportunity to present the projects it was involved in together with Osakidetza, Kronikgune and Bioef. The [...]

The NAOS Strategy 2016 Award has been given to the project Prescribe a Healthy Lifestyle (“Prescribe Vida Saludable” in Spanish”).

2017-05-11T07:57:26+00:0011 May 2017|Kronikgune News|

Prescribe a Healthy Lifestyle project The Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality has been giving the NAOS Strategy Awards (Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity Prevention) since 2009. These awards recognise and identify programmes and projects that help to prevent obesity by promoting a healthy diet and/or physical activity. On 30 March 2017 [...]

First experience exchange as part of new European project ITHACA

2017-05-09T11:28:03+00:009 May 2017|Kronikgune News|

Bioef, partner, and Kronikgune, stakeholder, alongside other organisations, are representing the Basque Country in this project. ITHACA (InnovaTion in Health And Care for All) aims to share experiences and good practices in smart innovation in health and care, to promote the population's active and healthy ageing. ITHACA is funded by the Interreg Europe Programme, in [...]

The second six-months of the European project TITTAN have ended

2017-04-07T13:26:30+00:0018 April 2017|Kronikgune News|

During this period, the regions participating in the study have organised knowledge exchange activities. TITTAN project consortium The main purpose of TITTAN is to exchange good practices among the seven regions taking part in the project. To achieve this aim, a total number of four on-site visits were arranged in January and February [...]

The European project Pre-Start was presented at the 1st Research and Innovation Conference organised by Bidasoa IHO

2017-04-07T09:39:35+00:0011 April 2017|Kronikgune News|

This event showcased all the research activities which had been carried out in Bidasoa IHO in recent years. Poster of the 1st Research and Innovation Conference organised by Bidasoa IHO On 16th March 2017, Bidasoa Hospital hosted the 1st Bidasoa IHO Research and Innovation Conference. The event gave centre stage to health professionals, social stakeholders and management [...]