A tool has been developed as part of the ASSEHS project to appraise stratification techniques and compare the main stratification models.

appraisal-standard-risk-stratification-assehsThe “Appraisal Standard” tool offers information on stratification models specific to each health system, enables the comparison between different stratification models and helps to define suitable stratification models for each health system. This tool is aimed at policy makers and health care managers, and has been designed to make risk stratification a tool that is used in European health care systems. The dashboard is expected to become a source of information and a reference for health care professionals and anyone who is interested in risk stratification.

The dashboard was developed in two stages: the first stage, Scoping Review, involved reviewing literature on risk stratification and selecting stratification models; and the second stage involved the development of the tool using this information. 

After a review of literature, the first stage involved a selection of dimensions that will help to evaluate and appraise risk stratification models. Not only the predictive capacity of the stratification model was taken into account for this selection, but also the requirements for implementation and indicators, like the specifications of the information systems of health care services, and predictors (demographic, pharmaceutical, etc.). The population upon which the model was applied was also taken into account.

The second stage involved the deployment of a user-friendly and highly visual website that is structured in such a way that enables users to investigate and use search filters from three different perspectives. In this sense, users can investigate and use filters taking into account the results of the risk stratification, the predictors established to develop the risk stratification, or the features of the health care system in which the stratification has been implemented. Users can also access a more detailed description of the stratification models appraised during the literature review.

Discover “Appraisal Standard”, a product that is available to the public and developed as part of the ASSEHS project, which gives the chance to appraise the stratification models of different health care systems. It can be accessed on the following website: www.assehs.eu.