On 26th November 2015, the National Healthcare School in Madrid will host the event for the third year in a row, at which the projects and results obtained to date will be presented. 

III-jornada-redissec-escuela-nacional-sanidad-kronikguneThis network of researchers made up of 14 research groups from 8 autonomous communities, was founded with the aim of improving the results of the healthcare provided to chronic patients in Spain. The groups carry out research into the development and innovation of the best policies, practices and organisational models to be implemented into the national healthcare network.

Over the years, chronic diseases have become a concern for political leaders and healthcare researchers, whereby a lack of information has been detected along with the need to improve the management and organisation of healthcare systems to treat chronic patients in an integrated and focused way.

This conference will serve to debate the transition of research projects when it comes to decision-making for healthcare planning and organisation, and to enable researchers to exchange ideas, consider new research challenges in health services and discuss future strategies to follow.

The conference will be opened by Dr. José María Quintana López, Head of the network’s scientific coordination and Head of the OSI Barrualde–Galdakao Research Unit. Susana García Gutiérrez, from the OSI Barrualde–Galdakao Research Unit, will also present the project on which they are working, CaMISS, related to Research into Breast Cancer Healthcare Services.

Kronikgune has two groups within REDISSEC, one of which is the Thematic Network of Cooperative Research (RETIC) coordinated by Dr. José Mª Quintana, Head of the OSI Barrualde–Galdakao Research Unit, and Head of Scientific Coordination; and the second group is coordinated by Dr. Antonio Escobar, from OSI Bilbao-Basurto. Furthermore, Kronikgune is the managing body of REDISSEC. 

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