The first meeting with the Panel of Experts of ADVANTAGE Joint Action was held on 25th and 26th September. The meeting took place at the headquarters of the Menorca Summer School of Public Health, in Llatzeret de Maó (Balearic Islands).

ADVANTAGE is a project jointly founded under the EU Public Healthcare Programme 2014-2020 which intends to establish a common European framework to address frailty in the population. This is intended to encourage political leaders at different levels to address prevention and early action to tackle frailty, disability and dependency.

It was attended by the ADVANTAGE project partners and the Group of Experts, created and approved by the project Steering Committee. This Group consists of health professionals, epidemiology experts, teaching staff and representatives of different academic institutions and scientific bodies in the health sphere.

The meeting was primarily based on the analysis of the frailty situations based on preliminary studies undertaken by the partners. The reports addressed the following topics: frailty knowledge at individual and population levels; frailty management and analysis of care models to prevent frailty and improve quality of life. Furthermore, participants discussed ways to influence and raise the awareness of political decision makers regarding the development of policies addressing frailty prevention and assessment.

On the basis of preliminary reports and with the contribution of the panel of experts, the Advantage consortium will draft the state-of-the-art report on frailty in December.

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