The event will take place next May 18 in two formats, face-to-face in Amerongen (The Netherlands) and virtual, for those who cannot travel due to the measures imposed by COVID-19. 

The prestigious international organization Value Based Healthcare Center Europe (VBHCE) is organizing this new edition of the “Value-Based Dragons’ Grant & Endorsement 2021” awards. These awards aim to recognize, support and reward the work being done by international organizations and communities in the creation of value for the patient, in the implementation of pioneering projects or initiatives in the initial development stage. The VBHCE organization is one of the pioneering centers in Europe in spreading this new health paradigm, value-based medicine. A concept that is spreading and being implemented in healthcare systems in order to put the patient at the center of the system, improve patient care and create value for patients.

The VOICE community is one of five European initiatives nominated for the #VBHCDragons2021 these awards. VOICE seeks to guide healthcare services in their reorganization towards delivering the highest value patient care at the best cost. Targeting breast and lung cancer patients, the project aims to create a new innovative strategic framework based on a model of value-based medicine for these patients in Europe.

VOICE represents an excellent collaborative space for hospitals facing common challenges and seeking similar solutions. Thirteen organizations from five European countries (Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal and Spain) are currently participating in the Community.

The project will collect data on the health-related quality of life of more than 1,000 breast cancer patients and 350 lung cancer patients through health-related questionnaires completed by patients (based on questionnaires published by ICHOM). Some hospitals will go further by assessing satisfaction, acceptability, and the relationship with professionals or the decision-making process with patients.

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