The Basque Country is represented in this project by Bioef, as a partner, and Kronikgune, among other Basque network agents. 

ITHACA (InnovaTion in Health And Care for All) aims for participating regions to share experiences and good practices on smart innovation in the healthcare sector. Its purpose is to encourage active healthy ageing among the population by improving regional policies and ecosystems (public authorities, industry, academics and society), the creation of knowledge and deployment of innovative solutions in health and healthcare.

In the second meeting held on 12th and 13th September in the Zealand region (Denmark), experiences of the host region were presented and visiting delegations carried out an Exchange of Experience and Peer Evaluation (EEPE) of such experiences.

The first day of the event, the participants had the opportunity to learn about the political context and development of the host region ecosystem. This was an opportunity to get to know the Living Lab infrastructure of Zealand (apps, analytic tools, telehealth, etc.) better and learn more about co-creation, testing and validation processes of innovation implemented in the region. To do so, the region presented specific examples of smart healthcare solutions.

The second day focused on explaining innovation cycle and market escalation of innovative solutions. Zealand shared its insight knowledge and experience regarding the implementation of innovative solutions on the market, public acquisition and consumer phases on the market. .

The consortium’s meeting ended with a session where assessors shared the conclusions of the assessment conducted during the exchange with the host team. This evaluation has enabled the region strengths and lessons learnt to be highlighted, and propose potential improvements to be applied in shared experiences.

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