The consortium meeting was held on 16-17 November 2023 in Barcelona, Spain.

The second plenary meeting of the JANE Joint Action, organized by Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori (INT), had the main objective of monitoring the progress of the project, the achievements to date, analyzing the problems and difficulties encountered, as well as specifying the next tasks to be completed by the partners. The meeting also served to discuss the future JANE2 Joint Action, which is presented as the continuity of this project and whose start date is scheduled for September 2024.

For two days, more than 100 people from JANE partners gathered in a hybrid format event. The event was also attended by Radostina Getova, Policy Analyst of the Cancer Health in all Policies program of the European Commission, who, together with the JANE Coordination team, was in charge of the opening session. The meeting was also represented by the Coordinator of the CraNE Joint Action (Comprehensive Cancer Centre Network – Preparatory Activities for the Creation of National Comprehensive Cancer Centres and Cancer Networks), Tit Albreht, whose presentation focused on analyzing the synergies between the two projects in the field of cancer in the European health ecosystem.

During the event, the leaders of the work packages for the seven future knowledge networks worked to summarize in a harmonized way the work on the conceptualization of each of the networks so far. They also discussed the possibility of future alliances of the networks with other cancer networks and organizations working in this field at the European level. In this sense, the second plenary meeting also served to inform members of the European Commission and organizations that are not yet part of JANE but will do so in the next Joint Action about the project and the progress made in its activities and the achievement of its objectives.

The following months will be vital to continue working on the new knowledge networks and to define the new JANE2 Joint Action. For this reason, JANE partners will also collaborate jointly with members of the European Reference Networks in cancer and partners of the CraNE project in the drafting of a Green Paper that will bring together the challenges that the different working groups of these projects have found in the European health ecosystem related to the approach to cancer. The aim will be to present the results of this analytical work to the European Parliament at the final JANE event.

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