conferencia-final-proyecto-carewell-kronikguneOn the 28th of February, the closing conference for the Carewell European project was held at CosmoCaixa Barcelona. An event shared with the European project BeyondSilos, which is also ending. The conference was attended by over a hundred attendees; members of the consortium, professionals and directors of the regions that participated in the project, speakers from different areas (industry, politics, sociology) and representatives from the European Commission. It was broadcasted live on social media.

At the Final Conference experiences were presented and shared focusing on assessment and results (clinical effectiveness, organisation and financial aspects, and satisfaction), use of predictive models in the frame of care integration, change management, the industry of mobile communications in the health sector and strategies to conduct healthcare reforms. It is important to highlight the relevance that new Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) have acquired in both projects. ICTs have facilitated the creation of new integrated social and health care models.

New integrated care models for multimorbid patients have been designed and implemented within the Carewell project, drawing attention to the integration between care levels. BeyondSilos has focused on the implementation of services that integrate the social and health care sector. Both projects, which were financed by DG CONNECT, converge in the assistance integration, active and healthy ageing and frailty work area.

In the Basque Country, Kronikgune has coordinated the Carewell project at the European level, which included the participation of Osakidetza. The following organisations have been involved in the project: IHO Tolosaldea, IHO Uribe, IHO Bilbao-Basurto, IHO Ezkerraldea Enkanterri Cruces, IHO Barrualde-Galdakao, IHO Araba, the Santa Marina Hospital and the Health Council. Carewell has been aligned with the strategic framework set by the Health Department and Osakidetza. A strategy focusing on care integration and proactive action to face the challenges of ageing, chronicity and dependence.

If you couldn’t follow the conference live, you can watch it again by clicking on the following video.

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