On January 24, 2024, Biosistemak attended the presentation event of the platform by the Minister of Health, Gotzone Sagardui, and the Director of Health Innovation and Research, Marian Ibarrando.

The presentation of the new Basque Virtual Health Library brought together more than a hundred healthcare and research personnel from the Basque Health System, both from the Ministry of Health of the Basque Government and from Osakidetza and Bioef, the Basque Country’s leading healthcare R&D centre. Representatives of the Research Institutes, including the Biosistemak team, also attended the event. The event included the intervention of the Director of the Health Sciences Library of Catalonia, Pilar Roqué Castells, who presented the importance and role of library professionals and documentation services in the face of new technologies.

The Basque Virtual Health Library aims to be a tool that offers contrasted and quality healthcare information, both to the healthcare and research staff of the Basque Health System and to the Basque citizens themselves. It seeks to optimize knowledge management in the Basque health network and offer an open access space in which all the Basque Health System professionals’ production is available, which in turn results in a better service to the public.

The Basque Virtual Library will include rigorous and current information that will be available at this single point of access to the specialized meta-search engine: TOPA! In addition, users will be able to access a multitude of quality medical information sources, services and resources, specialized or aimed at the general public. Access to open resources will not require a password, while access to some services specially designed for professionals will require a password.

Representatives from Bioef, the Ministry of Health and Osakidetza were responsible for presenting all the bases and functionalities of the Basque Virtual Health Library. The event also included a round table in which professionals from different aspects of the healthcare field debated the present and future of virtual libraries. The Director of Health Care at Osakidetza, Víctor Bustamante, was in charge of closing the event.

Access the Basque Virtual Health Library by clicking on the following link: https://www.euskadi.eus/gobierno-vasco/biblioteca-salud-euskadi/