The webinar will take place on Wednesday 23 June, at 16:00 CET and will be free of charge.

The webinar will take place on the online platform for school education School Education Gateway Europe within the monthly thematic webinars dedicated to a specific topic. The webinars organised in June focus on the Whole School Approach, focusing on local communities from a general point of view, and offering practical suggestions for teachers and school staff for the benefit of pupils. The webinars are aimed at teachers, school staff and head teachers from all over Europe and at all school levels.

Under the title Improving mental well-being of teenagers with a whole school community approach, the webinar is organised as a learning space on how schools can co-design a resilience model for the benefit of all, through a holistic approach for adolescents, families and education professionals. Kronikgune together with UPRIGHT project partner, Aahur University, will describe the use of the whole school approach in school-based interventions and the design that UPRIGHT has adopted to transmit resilience knowledge to adolescents, families, teachers and the wider education community.
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