The Conference center in the Assuta Medical Centers Clinics Tower (Tel-Aviv, Israle) hosted the consortium meeting on 15-16 November 2022. 

The main objective of the meeting was to follow up and share the progress of the project, main achievements to date, problems and difficulties encountered, discuss solutions and define next steps. The event, held in a hybrid format, brought together 29 researchers and professionals in person and 12 remotely.

The European ADLIFE project, coordinated by Kronikgune, is working on facilitating the personalisation of care plans, and improving the capacity for adaptive and early response to patients’ changing needs and preferences through digital solutions. The study is aimed at patients over 55 years of age with severe, chronic illness and a potential reduction in life expectancy due to reduced functionality and capabilities. The project is in the phase of deploying the platforms in the pilot regions before starting the interventions. The main milestone in recent months has been the development of the two innovative platforms.

Euskadi is preparing the piloting of ADLIFE in Osakidetza. From the technical perspective, the technical components are being deployed in Osakidetza’s servers and information system, to then test their operation and ensure their integration and interoperability with the corporate systems for patient data collection. From the clinical and organisational perspective, Kronikgune, together with a clinical team from Osakidetza, is currently immersed in the recruitment process of professionals who will participate in the intervention and who will be responsible for the recruitment of patients and carers.

The following months will be critical for the ADLIFE project, as key activities will be carried out that will allow the pilot study to begin. In the coming months the deployment of the platforms should be finalised and tested from both the technical and user perspective, and the health professionals, patients and carers recruited and trained in order to start the intervention.

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