The conference coordinated  by the European Public Health Association (EUPHA) takes place in Berlin, Germany, from 9th to 11th of November 2022.

The 15th edition will focus on the more active role that Europe must take in global health. The main theme of the European Public Health Conference is “Strengthening health systems: improving population health and preparing for the unexpected”. The event aims to discuss how to contribute to making health systems resilient, the quest towards universal health coverage, the training and high qualification of health and public health professionals, and also defining governance structures that take a stand and shape health systems around the world. Experiences and projects related to global health, climate change, environmental degradation, water and food security, migration, gender, and poverty will be shared and presented as well. It will also address advances in data collection and processing capacity, as well as digitization, a key area for exchanging ideas and new approaches.

On 11 November, the JADECARE project will organize the workshop “Transfer and adoption of good practices of integrated person-centred and digitally enabled care in different European contexts: the JADECARE Joint Action”. This workshop aims to explore the challenges and key elements to consider when transferring good practices to heterogeneous health systems with different needs, objectives, and scopes. During the workshop, the project, the good practices that are being transferred in the framework of the project, including the Basque Country, and the transfer and implementation strategy will be presented. In addition, two of the implementing partners (Next Adopters), the Marché Region in Italy and the Olomouc University Hospital in the Czech Republic will present their local interventions and the action plans they have developed during the pre-implementation phase of the joint action. They will also share the intermediate results achieved in the implementation phase, and the preliminary lessons learned during the first two years of JADECARE. In the discussion part of the workshop, speakers and workshop participants will debate the challenges and key elements for the transfer of good practices, and share experiences and lessons learned.

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