The congress focused on the reaffirmation of social work in the transformation of healthcare systems and took place from 2 to 6 September 2019 in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

The Breakthrough of the Social” gathered health and social services professionals and managers and researchers to discuss the role of social work. Issues connected with the theory and practice of social work, new ways of implementing social policies in healthcare systems and community work were covered over three days.

Kronikgune took part in the themed workshops with the presentation of the European project Scirocco Exchange. This project, which is funded by the EC’s Third Health Programme, aims to support healthcare and social care authorities to adopt and scale-up integrated care. Over 32 months, it will give access to the necessary assets based on regions’ evidence to adopt integrated care. Similarly, personalised knowledge transfer and planning for improvements in integrated care will be encouraged. Scirocco Exchange will work to improve access to evidence and tools, and to increase regions’ understanding of integrated care implementation.

The workshop organised by the project coordinators aimed to explore different levels of local maturity and capability to implement integrated care in two European regions – Scotland and the Basque Country. Participants were able to interact and discuss difficulties that came up during the implementation stage. Kronikgune showed the focus and maturity of integrated care in the Basque Country by using the Scirocco tool. Made up of 12 key dimensions, this tool can be used for a multi-dimensional evaluation of the maturity of healthcare systems in order to adopt integrated care. At the workshop, Twinning & Coaching exercises carried out by the Basque Country together with Scotland and Sweden were also shared.

Later, during the second part of the workshop, the Knowledge Management Hub (KMH) was presented. This tool will be developed as part of Scirocco Exchange and will offer and connect existing integrated care assets with the specific needs of the participating regions.

Thanks to the participation of Scirocco Exchange in “The Breakthrough of the Social”, participants were able to discuss which actions and activities must be prioritised by the regions in order to improve their capability to adopt and extend integrated care.