The conference was held in Aveiro, Portugal on 24-25 November 2022. 

The main theme of the 2nd Portuguese Conference on Integrated Care was “Strategies for people with chronic diseases”. The event was organized by PAFIC, the Portuguese Association of Integrated Care, a non-profit association that brings together several professionals who seek to promote the integration of care in health systems as a model to improve the quality of care as well as the sustainability of Health Systems. PAFIC’s mission is to contribute to the promotion, dissemination, implementation, and development of Care Integration in Portugal. Its ambition is to be a reference for healthcare institutions, valuing the knowledge of its members and being a link with national and international partners. Thus, during the organized event, different Portuguese good practices advocating Integrated Care were shared, as well as international experiences and projects.

In the session entitled “Organisational Models of Care Delivery”, the director of Kronikgune presented the Basque Country Organisational Model for patients with chronic diseases. His presentation focused on sharing the population-based model implemented in Osakidetza based on preventive interventions, personalized healthcare, and patient empowerment, with special emphasis on continuity of care, safety, adherence, and improving the patient experience.

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