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6th Conference of the Health Services in Chronic Disease Research Network (REDISSEC)

2018-11-21T10:28:46+00:0021 November 2018|Kronikgune News|

On 25 October 2018 the 6th Conference of the Health Services in Chronic Disease Research Network (REDISSEC) took place in the Ernest Lluch Hall at the Carlos III Health Institute. The conference revolved around research in implementation in the context of healthcare. The aim is to work with healthcare decision-makers to work out how to [...]

Brussels hosts the closing conference of the SCIROCCO European Project

2018-11-21T10:07:06+00:0021 November 2018|Kronikgune News|

On 24 October, the Closing Conference for the SCIROCCO project was held at the Scotland House Conference Centre in Brussels. After two years of hard work, the SCIROCCO project has validated and proven the SCIROCCO Maturity Model for Integrated Care. The final version was presented to attendees at the closing conference on 24 October 2018 [...]

Adinberri Congress

2018-11-19T10:12:08+00:0019 November 2018|Kronikgune News|

Kronikgunek will participate in the "Adinberri.  Kronikgune will participate in the "Adinberri, Retos y Oportunidades del Envejecimiento Saludable en Gipuzkoa" (Adinberri, Challenges and Opportunities for Healthy Ageing in Gipuzkoa) congress, which will take place on 22 and 23 November in Donostia-San Sebastian. For more information, please visit the event’s official site.        

Celebration of the first plenary assembly for the UPRIGHT European Project

2018-10-25T10:08:07+00:0025 October 2018|Kronikgune News|

On 28 and 29 August 2018, the city of Reykjavik (Iceland) hosted the first meeting between the seven partners forming the UPRIGHT consortium. The UPRIGHT project, “Universal Preventive Resilience Intervention Globally implemented in schools to improve and promote mental Health for Teenagers”, aims to promote mental well-being and prevent mental illnesses by increasing the resilience [...]

Barcelona hosted ACT@Scale project’s 6th general meeting

2018-10-25T09:56:59+00:0025 October 2018|Kronikgune News|

On 2nd and 3rd October, Barcelona has been the venue selected to host the new follow-up meeting for this European project. The ACT@Scale European project began in 2016 and is reaching its conclusion, which is scheduled for February 2019. The consortium, made up of 13 European partners using a collaborative methodology, has worked on the detection [...]

A Basque delegation visits Scotland

2018-10-25T09:46:06+00:0025 October 2018|Kronikgune News|

The visit, framed within the Scirocco European project, took place on 4 and 5 September in Glasgow and Edinburgh. The Scirocco European project (, which ends on 20 November 2018, aims to provide a validated and proven tool to facilitate the successful scaling-up of integrated care Good Practices in different European regions (“Scirocco Tool”). This [...]

Fourth General Meeting of the European Scirocco project.

2018-07-13T13:26:05+00:0013 July 2018|Kronikgune News|

On 27th and 28th June, the city of Edinburgh, Scotland, was the venue for the latest meeting of the European project's consortium. The European Scirocco project, “SCaling IntegRated Care in COntext”, which has been running for 27 months of a total of 32, seeks the development and validation of a tool that, analysing the context, [...]

ADVANTAGE Joint Action holds its second meeting with the project’s Spanish partners

2018-07-11T08:40:40+00:0011 July 2018|Kronikgune News|

The ageing population is one of the most serious challenges that Europe currently faces. Each year, the elderly are at a higher risk of becoming frail and developing disabilities associated with ageing with the resulting loss of quality of life. In this context, the ADVANTAGE JA (Joint Action) was born, co-financed by the Third Health [...]

Kronikgune present at the EHMA 2018 congress

2018-07-11T09:21:16+00:004 July 2018|Kronikgune News|

Budapest was chosen as the location for the new edition of the EHMA (European Health Management Association) 2018, held from 20 to 22 June. The main theme this year was ‘Making it Happen’. The theme aimed to raise discussions about introducing change and overcoming challenges in policy implementation in healthcare systems. The main topics of [...]

A delegation from Norrbotten (Sweden) visited the Basque Country to learn about the “Living Wills” Good Practice developed by Araba IHO

2018-06-18T12:03:54+00:0018 June 2018|Kronikgune News|

The work visit took place on 12th and 13th June in the context of the Scirocco European Project The “Scirocco Tool” has been developed within the Scirocco, “SCaling IntegRated Care in COntext” project. This tool enables the multi-dimensional assessment of the maturity of regions for the implementation of integrated care and the analysis of the [...]