The workshop organised to support the Czech Republic was held on 20 January 2022.

mHealth Hub is a project that aims to compile real experiences of public health initiatives supported by mobile devices that involve the integration of these technologies into national or regional health systems in certain EU member states ( With the support of the WHO-ITU, the selected national implementations create a precedent for mobile health at scale in Europe, and pave the way for other Member States to follow suit. It is an initiative that serves to promote knowledge and experience transfer activities to the mHealth Hub, creating a ‘big picture’ to identify best practices and gaps in current research, which can help shape new developments.

Osakidetza‘s strategic framework, as well as the support and promotion of the development of initiatives promoted by its professionals, some of the developments implemented in the system considered as pioneering initiatives and of interest at European level, have been part of the mHealth Hub since the beginning of the initiative. The experiences shared are: Mangols’ journey and Mugitzen

In response to the request for support expressed by the Czech Republic’s health system for the deployment of large-scale public health programmes supported by mobile devices (mHealth), Osakidetza, represented by Nicolás González López, from the General Directorate of Osakidetza, together with two researchers from the Kronikgune Digital Health Research Group, shared their experience in designing the framework for action to encourage the individual initiatives of professionals from the System interested in developing mHealth projects. The title of the presentation was “Responding to the interests of professionals in the development of mHealth projects: Osakidetza’s framework for action“.